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Preschool Gymnastics

Toddlers - 5 yrs. old

Preschool gymnastics is one of the few sports recommended for very young children.  BGC offers special classes for Toddlers through 5 year olds who are not yet in Kindergarten. The classes are held in our special preschool gym that has a spring floor, developmental mats, beams, bars, rings trampoline and more for tiny bodies and exploring minds. These classes foster movement in a fun and positive environment where the equipment is smaller and lower so the kids can grasp the bars or rings and walk the beams or roll on the mats without fear.  The classes are co-ed and divided by age.  They are taught by our staff who are trained in the developmental learning stages for young children.

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Toddlers - 3 years old

Parent & Tots Gymnastics

Parent & Tots gymnastics class is for children who are walking through 3 year olds. A parent or responsible adult must attend with the child. The class meets for 45 minutes 3-4 times a week and while you are only being charged for once a week you can attend as many days a week as you want. The class is designed to create movement opportunities for your toddler. A coach will be there to give you ideas, show you safe ways to use the equipment and encourage your child to move but the class is not structured where everyone has to do the same activity at the same time. Your job in the class is to:

 #1 Be your child’s safety net. 

#2 Be their biggest cheerleader. 

#3 Begin to name what they are already doing.

#4 Foster friendly relationships with other people.  Set the example of greeting others, taking turns and sharing. 

3 – 4 year olds and 4-5 year olds

Preschool Gymnastics

Preschool gymnastics class meets for 45 minutes and while most kids come one time a week you can sign up for additional classes at a 25% discount. The small classes are led by our staff and parents are welcome to watch through the window to see their child progress. This class develops balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, self-confidence, fine motor skills and pre-gymnastic skills. It also teaches social skills for school and sports in a fun-filled atmosphere.

4 - 5 year olds Level 1

Preschool Gymnastics


These classes are for 4-5 year olds with prior gymnastics experience and are recommended by the coach.   These classes continue to develop balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and self-esteem while learning gymnastics skills in a fun, safe environment. 

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