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All students must pay an annual registration fee and have agreed to our policies and the waiver of liability.  

 An annual registration fee of $45.00/student (max $80/family) will be charged upon enrollment.  Registration fees will be good from Aug 1, 2023 - July 31, 2024. Registration fees will be prorated during registration year. Registered students will receive the benefit of reduced member pricing at Parents Night Out, Sleepovers, Open Gyms, etc. 

Monthly Tuition

Upon registration, you will pay the first months tuition and you are opting into reoccurring payments for monthly tuition. Subsequent reoccurring payments will be drafted on the 20th of each month for the next months tuition. 

Your child will be unenrolled if your account is not paid by the 10th of the month. There will be a $25 charge on all returned checks.

If you register mid month we will prorate the first month and apply the balance paid to the next month.

Save 10% off your monthly tuition by using our “Quarterly Reoccurring Payment” plan. Available quarters are Sept. - Nov., Dec. - Feb. and March - May.  You must sign up for this plan at the desk before the quarter begins to receive the discount.


Students who take classes twice a week

Learn more than twice as fast.

All add on classes are

Discounted 25%

We also give a 25% discount from class

Tuition for additional immediate family



23/24 School Year Tuition

Gymnastics/Acrobatics/Tumbling & Trampoline

 55 Minute class per week                   $92.00/month

1 Hour and 25 Minutes per week     $128.50/month

1 Hour and 55 Minutes per week     $164.75/month

Preschool Gym Classes (45 Minutes)

One class per week $82.00/month

Parent & Tots Gym (45 Minutes)

Unlimited Classes $82.00/month/family

Preschool Drop In Open Gym

$6/ members $10/ non-members

Drop Notice

We require a 30 DAY DROP NOTICE for dropping a class before the end of the school year session.  You will be charged for the last 30 days regardless of attendance. Drops can be made through the customer portal or office and not with the coaches.  Drop forms are available in the office.  Proof of notification is your responsibility. Please request a copy of your written drop notice.

Missed Classes / Make Up

Missed classes may not be deducted from monthly tuition. A student’s place is reserved for the entire school year. You are paying for enrollment, not individual classes attended. Call BGC and stay home if your student or your family is ill and we will issue a makeup token to your child's account after the class is missed. We are happy to do makeups when they are well. You need to schedule a makeup online using your token. The token is good for 30 days from the absence. Make up tokens will only be given for classes missed due to injury or illness.

Class Attire

Boys must wear a T-shirt that can be tucked in and gym shorts (Please, no zippers or pockets).

Girls must wear a one piece leotard (no bare midriffs).  Bike pants or gym shorts may be worn over leotards (no tights with feet). Long hair must be pulled back in a low ponytail.

Absolutely no jewelry! These rules are for your child’s safety.

Parent Observation

We feel that your child will progress faster if he/she does not have to divide his/her attention between their coach and their parent during class time. Please encourage your child’s efforts, but leave the coaching to us. We recommend that parents only observe classes once in a while to allow students to concentrate fully in class. Please do not enter the gym area or allow siblings to distract the coaches from their classes.

Our Guarantee

We offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If, within the 30 days, you decide that our program is not right for your child, let the office know and we will gladly refund your fees.

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